The Peace of God. pt.1

Jul 30, 2023    Pastor Dustin Rogers

On Sunday we will resume our study in Philippians and will look at only one verse. Philippians 4:6. It's packed with truth that is so relevant for our lives today...for, we live in an anxious world. Now, worry, fear, and anxiety have always been issues for people – including God’s people. But, in my opinion, it has never been more epidemic than it is now…and I would suggest at least one of the factors has to do with awareness. We simply know more and see more today than ever before. We know all the threats. We are bombarded with all the doomsday reports. We also have access to know about every tragedy and every threat around the globe. We are the most anxious society to have ever lived. But, it’s not just tragedy or crisis. It’s also greed and consumerism. We are peppered with advertisements that are designed to make us worry, so we'll buy. Like, you’re probably being hacked right now – you better buy our vpn! And your clothes are way out of date dude, like you’re not going to get promoted looking like that. ANXIETY! It's an epidemic and none of us are immune.

I trust our time in the familiar verses of Philippians 4:6-9 these next two Sundays will prove clarifying, challenging, and helpful to our lives.

Much Love,

pastor dustin