Standing Together

May 21, 2023    Pastor Dustin Rogers

In the opening section of the body of this letter and we have seen Paul giving the Philippian church a bit of an update on his situation. They’re clearly concerned about him and so he clues them into what he’s dealing with and his perspective about it. He confirms that he remains in jail and continues to be slandered and that he faces potential execution. Yet, his perspective on it is remarkable. He rejoices! I mean, the dude writes with spectacular joy as he exclaims that this whole prison stint is causing awesome stuff to happen! He’s like, don’t feel bad for me. Rather, rejoice that the Gospel is going forward! What an example!

But, in verse 27, he shifts gears to focus on them. He pivots to talk about their situation. You can almost hear him say, “Enough about me. Let’s talk about you…oh, and by the way, don’t divorce my situation from yours.” He wants them to know that this conflict and suffering is not just for Apostles and missionaries, etc. It’s coming for them...and us. The word of God and His gospel is going to be counter-cultural. So, are we cool with that? Are we ready to stand with our Savior and with our friends in the midst of conflict?

Much love,

pastor dustin