Sexual Integrity 101 Class (July+August)

Jul 9, 2023

The class will meet at the church in the office suite to the left of the stage during the 9:00am education hour. Singles, couples, parents, and grandparents are all welcome. Begins Sunday, July 9

Here’s what to expect:

•Each 40-50 minute session includes:

•A deep-dive into the factors that contribute to unwanted sexual behaviors

•Interviews with experts in the field of sexual health

•Testimonies of those transformed through a safe, grace-filled process

•Practical tools and strategies that lead to lasting health

A companion workbook which:

•Follows along with each session

•Leads you through reflection questions

•Includes weekly exercises

This video training is for men, women, students, pastors, lay leaders, parents, and more. It’s for anyone who wants to find freedom from the effects of unwanted sexual behaviors and betrayal or to learn more about the sexual trials the world is facing. This course will show how shame and grace affect the healing process, give understanding about addiction and betrayal trauma, and get you started on the path to sexual health.

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