Deliverance through Death pt.2

Mar 31, 2024    Pastor Dustin Rogers

When I say, those people know how to party, who immediately comes into your mind? Perhaps you think of a person you know that’s a total party animal or a great party planner. Maybe you think about a demographic like college kids. Perhaps you think about a certain culture. But, I wonder if anyone immediately thought of the ancient Hebrews. The people of God in the Old Testament knew how to party. But, it was not because they were naturally more fun than the other nations or were just more enthusiastic about life...though, they did have more to celebrate than anyone else! No, God’s people knew how to party because He commanded it. There were at least 7 festivals in the Jewish calendar that required them to stop and party...sometimes for an entire week! One of them was instituted along the festival of Passover, right there in Exodus 12. It's called the Feast of Unleavened Bread and it called upon the people of God to stop and remember the swift and spectacular deliverance that God won for His people to free them from bondage in Egypt. It was a call to CELEBRATE!

Friends, when we consider the empty tomb, we too have every reason to stop and celebrate the swift and spectacular deliverance that Jesus secured when He walked out of that grave! Let's gather together tomorrow ready to worship our King who died and rose again to SET US FREE!

Much love,

pastor dustin