Apr 21, 2024    Pastor Dustin Rogers

In studying this week, I read that a particular Hebrew verb that means "to remember" is used over 200 times in the Old Testament. I also found it interesting to discover that there are two additional Hebrew nouns that have reference to this act of remembrance. One of these words describes something that is sort of held in the mind, whereas the other word references something that prompts the mind like a monument or memorial. So, friends, there is no doubt that remembering the works and wonders of God is a prominent theme in Scripture.

As we resume our studies in Exodus, we will see this crucial theme of remembrance presented in chapter 13. And friends, we do need to remember. If you're feeling a bit meh about your walk with God, it might be time to close the gap. Perhaps you've got some serious distance between you and your deliverance that has allowed you to forget. Let's gather and lean in to REMEMBER...and stand in awe of a God who Delivers! Pastor Dustin